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Exterior Styles

'Our full 'In-House' design service includes expert detailed advice on the many options available'

The Hull

Hulls are typically provided by Tyler Wilson
Traditional, Semi-Trad. and Cruiser styles
Up to 70′ in length
Specialist ‘Day-Boat’ hulls

Optional Double glazed windows ​ | Sliding roof hatch | Double hinged side hatch | Fully glazed Upvc bow doors |
Stainless steel water tank | Spray foam PU insulation  | Epoxy primer & 2 coats of blacking

Detailed CAD drawings of the Hull and Layout are created in-house for each hull and manufactured following client approval.

Traditional, Semi-Traditional, and Cruiser styles

Expertly Hand Painted

All Trinity Boats are expertly Hand painted to the Clients’ preferred colour scheme

Coach Lines & Sign Writing by Hand

The Paintwork

We believe that hand painting provides the optimum finish. Aesthetically equal to spraying with enhance resilience


The hull is completely epoxy resin coated and ‘blacked’ before a minimum of two layers of primer, two layers of undercoat and three layers coach enamel top coat, are carefully applied by brush. We believe this provides the most beautiful and resilient coating to your new boat.


Please fill out the form below to request a quote for your own beautiful bespoke narrowboat. We can offer bespoke and individual options to suit your needs and budget.