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Payment Terms

Our payments Terms, Conditions of Sale and Contract Agreements are design to be safe, fair and most convenient to all parties.

Stage payments are scheduled such that at no time throughout, Including Order, Design and during the build process, is either party financially exposed or at any risk.

​Our Payment Terms are are based on Marine Industry Standards with any adjustments as agreed between all parties.

  1. £500 – Deposit will be required to secure a build slot. Provisional order placed with Hull manufacturers.
  2. 15% – Upon contract signing. Contract Orders placed with major suppliers.
  3. 30% – Upon completion of hull manufacture.
  4. 35% – Upon completion of first fix of internal fit-out & engine room.
  5. 17.5% – Upon completion and readiness for delivery from our premises.
  6. 2.5% – Upon completion of the Acceptance Cruise and the signing of the Satisfaction Notice by the Purchaser or upon deemed acceptance and completion of the Builders’ Certification.


The customer may at any reasonable and pre-agreed time, visit and inspect the boat build progress at our premises.

Title of Goods

The Boat and/or all materials and equipment purchased or appropriated from time to time by the Builders specifically for its construction (whether in their premises, upon the water or elsewhere) shall become the property of the Purchaser upon payment to the Builders of the first Stage Payment.

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